Get Lost

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No Mediocre

by T.I. (feat Iggy Azalea)
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UNauthorized access into our sharebeast account

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lol! so it's like i can't even catch a breather! haha! around 4 hours ago, our sharebeast account have been compromised and i cant log into my account anymore. there were at least 1000++ files that got deleted. i have contacted sharebeast. i hope they get to me asap so i can have my account back again! another reason why i rather have WTF up and runnning asap. at the time being, i will try my best to reup them on rockdizfile. i will create an automated script that can help match the filename to the right remix. or else editing one entry at a time will be a killer!

update #1: guess what? i created the script within 30 mins. so now, i can reupload and update batch of 20 links in our database within seconds. But if you count the upload time, probably 5-10 mins. =)

update #2: uploaded more than 150 track mixes in the last 30mins. I wll continue tomorrow. It's sleep time! Remixes reuploaded can be found in the posts below: Bang Bang mixes, Alina Artts – High Enough mixes, Black Widow mixes, Gold Skies mixes, Rock This Party mixes, Bad Blood mixes, Boom Clap mixes, Thing 4 U mixes, No Mediocre mixes, Get Lost mixes, Just Another Night mixes

High Enough

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Shake It Off

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